Central Repository not updating unless Activity Manager is manually executed

I have an install of litespeed 8.5 / Build

I take a backup of the model database and it shows under 'Backup History' while connected to the central repository, but does NOT show under 'LiteSpeed Activity'.

The LiteSpeed Service Account is running.  If I MANUALLY execute the ActivityManager.exe, the Central Repository is updated and it shows under 'LiteSpeed Activity'.  If I take another backup, that one then will not show under 'LiteSpeed Activity' until I manually execute the ActivityManager.exe again.

My understanding was that the update to the central repository would be real time.  Is there a delay?  If so, it has been 30 minutes without the activity showing.

Thanks for any insights,


  • Hello Keith,

    The "backup history" page is read from the MSDB hence why the backup shows there without replication taking place.

    Since the data is not pushed to the central unless you run the activity manager manually I would check two things.

    1. Verify the Litespeed activity service (screenshot below) is using an account that can update both the local and central repositories.



    2. Verify that Instance configuration was run with the below option set for the SQL instance in question.





    If neither of these help. Then please manually run the activity manager service with the logging parameter and open a support case.



    C:\Program Files\Quest Software\LiteSpeed\Engine\ActivityManager -logging



    The log files are located in the normal LS log location and have "activity" as part of the name.

    EXAMPLE Location:   C:\ProgramData\Quest Software\LiteSpeed\SQL Server\Logs


    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks, Ben. I confirmed security and configuration so I will send the log file to support.
  • No problem always happy to help!

    Also when you get in touch with support please send them a support bundle.
    It will include the activity manager log plus other information about Local to central replication that we can use to troubleshoot the issue.