Windows service accounts, litespeed local repository not configured, network backup location

I may be missing something obvious here, but at the moment I'm not sure what it is.  It may be all one issue, or three separate ones.

I have a windows litespeed service account set up, but when I go to configure remote servers, they are attempting to use a completely different account and saying it does not have sysadmin privileges.  Any ideas why, and how to fix it?

After configuring remote servers with local repositories, the central console still says that it does not have a local repository configured.  Is that due to the service account being incorrect?

I need to use a network location for backups.  The backup jobs appear to run successfully, but no backups appear in the specified location.  I would assume the jobs would fail in the case of not enough permissions?

Perhaps I've just been staring at this too long, and as I said, missing something ridiculously obvious.  But any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  • No problem always happy to help!

    As a FYI....


    You most likely are talking about this section seen during instance configuration.







    This is the account used to run the Litespeed activity service (below screenshot) and it's only job is to replicate data between the Local and central repositories.


    The other accounts you could supply, but are not really prompted for, during instance configuration would be used to build the repositories and install the extended stored procedures.  Please note there is no Litespeed service the Litespeed jobs run either as the user starting them, as in the case of a Litespeed command line operation, or the SQL server startup account.

    This "dsvc_sa_servername" sounds like your SQL server startup account which will need sysadmin rights for many Litespeed functions. Because of its importance the installer (Instance configuration) will check if the service account has that role and warn if it does not.

    If it already has that role the message can be ignored as in some older versions of Litespeed this was a false message.

    We can go over this with you during a support call and check your configuration.

    Hope that helps,


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