'Wildcard Mask' in Litespeed FastCompression task



I am trying to understand how the option 'Wildcard Mask' (when selecting a list of databases) in Fast Compression task works. If we specify a certain db name in that setting, does that remove the specified db name from the list of databases that have to be backed up?




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  • Hello,

    No. As an example if you select the option "all databases" and use the exclude wildcard mask "litespeed*" then all databases will be backed up expect any that have names starting with "litespeed" or the other default exclude options if they are still selected.

    Note the below from a fast compression log...


    (These databases will not be backed up)

    Entry "TDatabaseEnumerator.CheckExcludeMask"

    2017.09.22 05:55.24.842 [DEBUG]:     [LiteSpeedLocal] Excluded from Mask "Litespeed*".

    2017.09.22 05:55.24.843 [DEBUG]:     [LiteSpeedCentral] Excluded from Mask "Litespeed*".



    (this is the list of databases that will be backed up. Note it does not include the two databases above)

    2017.09.22 05:55.24.850 [DEBUG]: Selected database list:
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.857 [DEBUG]: master
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.858 [DEBUG]: mirror
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.859 [DEBUG]: model
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.860 [DEBUG]: MP_QuestSoftware2222
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.861 [DEBUG]: msdb
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.861 [DEBUG]: OLR_TEST
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.862 [DEBUG]: OLR_TEST2
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.863 [DEBUG]: QuestSoftware2222
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.865 [DEBUG]: questsoftware333333
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.866 [DEBUG]: questsoftware44444
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.867 [DEBUG]: questsoftware55555
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.868 [DEBUG]: questsoftware66666
    2017.09.22 05:55.24.869 [DEBUG]: QuestSoftwarenew



    Hope that helps,


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