Converting trn files into SQL Server trn files

Hello, I'm trying to convert Lts.trn files into SQL Server .trn files. Please let me know if this can be done?  I tried using the -N argument without success. Please help. Thanks!

C:\Users\jhiggins\Desktop\Yardi conversion>extractor64.exe -F njedqaeef_pcu_conv_backup_2017_10_03_153002_0820098.Lts.trn -E C:\Users\jhiggins\Desktop\Yardi conversion\.trn

LiteSpeedT for SQL Serverr Version (64bit)
c 2016 Dell Inc.

Could not determine required MTF file count from LS backup files.
Check supplied backup filenames.


  • Hello,

    The error…” Could not determine required MTF file count from LS backup files. Check supplied backup filenames.” Normally happens when the file header is either encrypted or corrupted.

    Is it encrypted? If not, then the file is most likely corrupted.

    To verify please try to restore the backup, using Litespeed, to a temp test database (if possible). If the restore works then a corrupt header is not the cause of your issue.

    Or please open a support case and send us the TLOG backup. We can then open the file to look at the header.

    Hope that helps,
  • Thanks for the help Ben. I tried converting a different TLOG backup and that was not successful either. My company doesn't have Litespeed, so I can't do the restore. I will ask the Vendor if these files are encrypted. If they are not sure, I will open a case and send over the file so the header can be looked at. Thank you again. Jason
  • Hi, Jason,

    The restore is available even if your license has been expired.
    You can download the latest trial version of LiteSpeed and use it for restore.

  • Hey Alex,

    How do I go about sending you guys the TRN file so you can open it and take a look. If I open a case is there costs associated with that? Thanks! Jason
  • Yes, it is possible. Please open a support case and add files to it.