Automated Restore - what is it?

  • Why run into a problem with automated restore when we try to test full, differentials and log backups. The problem is that if a differential takes longer to complete than our log backup interval, automated restore isn't smart enough to look forward into the available log backups and instead causes an "LSN too early" error to be thrown. We have discussed this with Litespeed support and their recommendation was to stop log file backups during full/diff backup jobs. We find that to be a less than ideal solution as it introduces a potential data loss gap. What are some suggestions to improve Automated Restore's intelligence in these cases?
  • Hello,

    We would need to review your case in detail to see what can be done to help.
    Could you please reopen your support case and ask for it to be escalated.


  • Thanks Ben,

    We've requested the ticket be reopened and escalated. I looked over the notes on that ticket and it was clear the suggestion given at the time (2015) was that we stop TLOG backups during full or differential operations. I believe some mild enhancement to the automated restore would solve this issue. I'm surprised others haven't commented on it over the years.