LiteSpeed failed to remove backup file

The LiteSpeed backup job on one of my servers has been failing the past 6 days. I have verbose logging enabled and am able to see where the error is occurring. 


Following files have been deleted: \\backupserver\sqlbackup\TEST\server\SFVIEWS_MIRROR\SFVIEWS_MIRROR.litespeed.f11.d9.bkp [SQLSTATE 01000]
Msg 50032, Sev 16, State 1: Failed to remove file '\\backupserver\sqlbackup\TEST\server\SFVIEWS_MIRROR\SFVIEWS_MIRROR.litespeed.f11.d5.bkp' (Error 32) [SQLSTATE 42000]


The error [SQLSTATE 42000] indicates that it is a syntax error or access violation.

Based on the logs I'm seeing that the service account being used to run the backup job is able to remove other files with no issue however the file 'SFVIEWS_MIRROR.litespeed.f11.d5.bkp' has errored each day.

Does anyone have any tips for this issue? Can I remove this file manually without breaking the LiteSpeed job?


  • Hello,

    Yes, you can remove this file manually if you wish. Doing so will not harm your Litespeed job.
    If you see the problem again, for a different file, I would suggest opening a support case so we can review your logs.

    Hope this helps,
  • Thanks I'll remove the file now and will check later to see if any other errors occur.
  • Hi Ben,

    Looks like this happened again on the same server and again on a different server. I'll be opening a support ticket.
  • Sure! Support will be able to help you address this issue.

    In the meantime ,as an FYI, the error seen in your prior post "(Error 32)" means the file is being used by another process (can't access cause the file is in use by another process is the correct message I think). As a troubleshooting step you may wish to make sure your anti-virus either excludes the directory that holds these files or the file extension used (bkp).

    Once support reviews your Litespeed logs they should have some other suggestions.