Change Auditor - Audit Event List with Searching and Sorting Options in Excel

I've been asked many times for a list of events Change Auditor can produce for all modules so I thought it would be a good idea to share the list I have produced in Excel and also explain how you can create your own. Before I get into the details, keep in mind each Change Auditor module has its own PDF with a list of events. The PDF can be found in the Change Auditor documentation. If all you need is a list of events for a specific module that may be an easier route to take. If you would prefer to search for an event within the Change Auditor client, you can do so. The purpose of this post is to provide an "offline" version of the same event list. With that said, if you need an Excel spread sheet with ALL Change Auditor events, read on.

The only problem I have with the PDF version of these events on a per module basis is that you can't see All Change Auditor events together and you can't filter or group events in PDF format. I have attached an Excel spread sheet that can come in handy when trying to determine if Change Auditor can produce certain types of events or just to get a better understanding of what is included in Change Auditor and on a per module basis. The list was created using Change Auditor v6.9. The version of Change Auditor you are running may or may not have the same list of events. Don't worry, I'll show you how to create your own list below. 

In the Excel spread sheet attached, you can sort by any column or search for specific content by clicking on the arrow down button next to any column name. Select an option from the drop down list or type in a key word to focus on a specific License Type, Facility Name or Event Type. There are 2 sheets in the Excel Spread Sheet: Change Auditor Events and Sample Configuration. The 1st sheet is missing the "Severity" and "Status" column to keep things simple. The 2nd sheet is a list of the same events that include the "Severity" and "Status" columns the way they are configured in my environment. The events in your environment may be configured differently and therefore the Severity and Status may be different. There's really no right or wrong way to configure these events. How they are configured will depend on the requirements of your environment.

With all that said, you can quickly create your own list of event configuration settings in Change Auditor. Here's how:

Open the Administration Tasks and Click on Audit Events. 

Click on "Print to File" and save in Excel format. Done. This file will contain a list of all events and their current settings. This will not contain the search and sorting options my Excel spread sheet has but you can always Google those easy instructions.