First Day of School Disasters

Back to School

As summer comes to an end and the days get shorter, another major thing happens at this time every year… kids go back to school.  It’s not just the kids that dread it, but it’s the parents and teachers too. Every year parents, teachers, and children all prepare for THAT day….The First Day of School.

And with that day comes First Day of School Disasters.

Lost Lunch

For kids, it’s losing your lunch.  Not sure whether you left it in mom’s car that morning because you were too busy playing Pokemon Go in the back seat, and then dashed out of the car to meet up with your friend. Or if it was left on the school bus because the older kids were picking on you and you couldn’t wait to get out of there! But losing your lunch is a disaster. Especially when you have no lunch money to buy something tasty to fill your grumbling stomach.  So you end up having to tell your teacher what happened and now you’re stuck with the not-so-tasty free lunch she’s given you.

Slept In

For moms, it’s forgetting to take your kid to school.  Not because you didn’t already know it was the most important day of school to begin with. Nope.  You were up so late getting your child ready that you forgot to set your alarm!  You wake up and it’s 10:00 am!  You’ve completely slept in, your child has already missed 3 of his classes, complete disaster.

Lost Student

For teachers, it’s losing a kid.  Your class was returning from an assembly in the cafeteria but when you return to the classroom, one of your kids is missing.  So you ask the surrounding teachers in the classrooms nearby if they’ve seen him, but no one has.  You end up having to call your Vice Principal to come help,because you can’t leave a classroom full of present kids. You’re a brand new teacher at this school and you can’t believe this is happening, what a disaster! 

Wardrobe Mishap

For another kid, it’s sitting on that chocolate candy bar your friend gave you.  You get up to go grab something in the classroom and all the kids start laughing and pointing at you.  “What?!” you shout.  Someone points out that you have a big brown spot right on the back of your pants and you’re mortified.  You rush to the bathroom to clean it off, but it won’t come off! First day of school with this?! What a disaster.

Active Directory Disasters

With First Day of School Disasters you can’t turn back time, change what’s happened, or fix the problem very easily; The same is not true for Active Directory disasters when you have a plan in place.  While most IT admins don’t face them every day, Active Directory disasters do happen and you must have a plan for when they do.

Greg Shields, MVP, vExpert and Founding Partner of Concentrated Technology, shares a whitepaper discussing five AD disasters scenarios and how they might have been prevented or repaired more quickly with proper planning and tools.

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