The Social Cloud is Alive!

The average response rate on article feedback is about 1%.  Which can make it tough to gauge how well your predictive and pre-emptive efforts are, especially when looking at social media activities such as Blogs, Forum responses and sharing content through Twitter.  We have metrics for all these things, but it can be hard to measures the true impact of these efforts.  So when an experience such as the one below comes along, it’s hard not to share.

If you’re familiar with Knowledge Centered Service (KCS®) you probably know about Knowledge Domain Expert (KDE) activities.  About a year and a half ago we started leveraging KDE activity outcomes within our Social Media efforts.  I call our KDE’s – SKDEs: Social Knowledge Domain Experts.  They use the outcomes from typical KDE activities and share information centered around those outcomes, things like top FAQs or frequently searched topics and content gaps, in various social channels such as Blogs and Twitter (to name a couple).

One of our SKDEs Gita Sharifi, a Senior Technical Support Engineer, received some surprise praise when a customer recognized her name -

Mr. Customer contacted support via email, requesting assistance in understanding a feature in one of our products.  Gita was looped in, she reached out to the customer and requested further information and contact details so they could discuss the situation.  To her surprise, the customer replied back, [Hi Gita, I’m impressed you contacted me.  From your blogs it seems like you are the smarted person in Quest regarding data extractions.]  After speaking with the customer later that day, it turns out he had been following Gita on Quest Communities and reading her blogs about SSR data extraction!

Wow! Small world, but Social has a large reach!

Based on analysis of customer activity from numerous Consortium members, the Consortium for Service Innovation estimates that the demand for support in the ‘Communities and Social Media Cloud’ is 30 times that of the assisted channel.  The investments we make in social support do matter, especially to our followers hiding in that ‘Social Cloud’, we don’t always see them or hear them, but they are there.  They value us and they value our efforts.  Thank you to Gita and all our employees who care about our customers and participate in our social programs!


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