Migration Manager for Active Directory

Broadcom wireless settings lost after migration

Has anyone seen this before.  We have some client machines that use the broadcom drivers to manage wireless settings.  After we flip the machines to the target domain all of the wireless settings are gone.  There are no errors during the RUM process, and all I know at this point is the wireless settings for this are stored in the HKEY_Users registry key.
  • John, could you export the entire reg key and post it there?

    Can you try to copy the reg key, then change the source users SID to target users SID and then import it back? Basically try to create a new identical key for the target user.

    In the past there were issues when some vendors decided to go by users SID and registry entries were created based on SID's, of course RUM doesn't have the ability to modify them.

    But we had a workaround, if this affects all users you could automate the procedure and use the RegWalker, there must be a KB article with all needed files and instructions attached, if you confirm this is the case.

    The only issue we had with wireless - sometimes it needed to be turned off when migrating computers, if you check older postings in this forum you will find the thread.

  • John, if you process a computer using RUM and then join the computer to target domain manually, not via RUM - is there any difference? Or just migrate with RUM, without processing?
    Or process and don't migrate and log on as target user?

    Or if you migrate via NETDOM?

    Please try a few things and let us know, would be nice to know when and where exactly it breaks.

    When we migrate a comp we basically change a few reg entries for domain names, so flipping the WS is unlikely the cause.
  • I was wrong on the key path, but the reg file is attached.

    I will see if I can find a test box that I can try the different computer migrations besides migrating with the tool.
  • Actually I resolved  it to applying a "Reset System Configuration". After the reboot the ESX host is connection able but networking has to be setup from scratch. At the same time you need to add/name portgroup, adding additional nics. Even thought that works there is a lot of manual fixing to do. Wouldn't like to do that with my Production hosts. May Broadcom drivers help to make the whole work so easy to implement.