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RUM, Windows 7 and Outlook 2016

Hello all-

Weird thing I'm seeing with some of my workstations. I'm doing a child to root AD domain consolidation. Target Exchange is Office 365 and is outside the scope of my engagement. All child domain users also have an account in the root for O365 so I'm merging source and target objects. QMM for AD 8.14

Workstations are primarily Windows 7, Outlook 2016. On occasion and what appears to be randomly when a workstation is moved to the root domain, Outlook will break with an error of: "Cannot Open Outlook." I cannot run in safe mode nor can I create a new profile and so far the only solution is to try to run a repair on Office or uninstall and reinstall of Office. 

I think it's permissions-related but I can't see how. The RUM processes and moves systems without any issue and this only happens randomly. I say permissions as when I try to run Outlook with any switches, I can't even see the executable outlook.exe. Finally, on the few OL2013 client I've migrated, all have gone without a hitch.

Anyone else run into this? Any insights, thoughts or ideas? I've migrated 1000s of Win7 systems and never seen this. This has not happened on the handful of Win8 and Win10 clients either.

As always, thanks,


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