Migration Manager for Active Directory

RUM Failure


I have a problem with RUM. I can discover and Process Computer, but after successful Processing I can no longer run Discovery or do other tasks. Anyone seen this before?

  • Good Day,

    Depending on the error you receive, that could be a number of things.
    If you cannot reach it by shortname any longer, than it's DNS.
    If you receive a Access Denied message, than the Account Specified for the target Domain isn't a local administrator etc.
    Best to provide a log line, or what you are seeing and we'll see what we can do.
  • Can you please supply us with the error that the RUM Console is giving you when you try to run a task.
  • Hi Luke and Chris. Sorry for this late respons,
    I'm having a hard time that my password gets reset every time I've been logged in to Quest so my previous answer didn't get trough. This case worked after some time so it could have been network related. However, what happened was that some clients were left behind, the clients were moved to new DHCP with new IP scope and new DNS server. Is there some form of caching of IP and DNS when discovery runs the first time so RUM will struggle to find them later on? Verified that all ports and DNS was ok.

  • There isn't anything within RUM as simply uses the Windows Network layer for RPC calls. The tool itself doesn't cache anything.