Migration Manager for Active Directory

Dell Migration Manager 8.14 for exchange - Outlook slow

Issue noticed : Users complain that outlook is sluggish / status shows disconnected at random intervals

On investigation it was found that the users were part of migration batch and the migration copy process is causing this issue

Users are using outlook in online mode (VDI ) and also users are using cached exchange mode in laptops.

On exchange servers we notice lsass process is using high cpu.

Could you please advise any hotfix which can resolve this issue or is this a known issue.

Then we can schedule migration only during off business hours.

Exchange server OS : Windows 2012 R2

Exchange version : 2013 CU15

Outlook 2010 SP2

Thank you


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  • Hello,

    80 calendar sync is process now for past 4 hours
    No issues reported till now.

    Issue observed at server :

    Time: 11/23/2017 12:09:36 AM
    ID: 306
    Level: Information
    Source: Microsoft-Exchange-HighAvailability
    Machine: exchangeserver.domain.com
    Message: Initiating move for database 'db1' (FromServer)


    It is observed that the EWS app pool indicates high cpu utilisation and the databases fail over
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