Using local DCs for RUM moves

Hello all-

Performing an intra-forest domain migration (child into parent). I have two migration consoles, both sharing the same ADLDS instance. All my users and security groups have been merged into their target accounts so really, this is just a RUM question.

This customer has lousy AD replication. I am pre-staging my workstations by copying the object into the parent and filtering out SPNs. All works but I do run into situations where I get a "security database and trust relationship" error because the old source object has not fully evacuated out of the child domain and SPNs have not been generated on the now enabled target system. (SPN uniqueness. Customer would not allow the fixes to disable this.)

I know that the RUM leverages netdom move and the workstation may (or may not) use local source and target DC (larger sites have their own local DCs). Is there any way to force the RUM and/or NETDOM to use specific DCs for workstation moves? I only want to modify 1 console for this behavior. I want to leave the other console alone as another consultant is working on another work stream.

As always, thanks in advance for you assistance.