Migration Manager for Active Directory

Chrome issue after migration of computer


We are getting very weird issue as when we are migrating computers to new AD domain using RUM, users are coming with the issues of either chrome doesn't at all able to open any Internet site or loading sites are damn slow. This issues are not coming to all users who have been migrated but it is also not rare. when we reset Google Chrome it gets resolved, but resetting Chrome on all affected system is also not feasible.  

  • This typically happens when Chrome or any browser stores information where RUM can't access such as in protected storage.

    There is no workaround or solution for this at this time from within RUM or the tool.

    You can however use the following commands to see how if that helps.

    Clear Host Cache

    Chrome Repair Tool: www.google.com/.../
  • We ran into the same issue. We are led to believe based on repeated testing that the root cause lies somewhere with Google Chrome's cookies.

    Cookie data is stored here: C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\<profile>\Cookies

    <profile> is usually "Default".

    We have been experimenting with multiple solutions for automating a fix. The best bet so far has been to delete the cookie file (or all cookie files) after migration.

    Other options:

    Create a new profile for the user within Chrome. This new profile will not have a corrupted cookie file. This works 100% of the time, though you need to have the user import their bookmarks.