Migration Manager for Active Directory

Way to process and migrate without access to the RUM console

The only way I've ever migrated machines to a new domain was with full domain admin rights via the RUM console.  Is there a way to build an "offline package" from within the console, that would allow other people (who can't have console access or domain admin access to both domains) to migrate machines on their own?  

Trying to figure out how to spread the RUM'ing migration joy to a wider cast of people, without giving away the keys to the farm

    1. Using the Project | Manage Domains Credentials option in the RUM console menu. Specify the service accounts for RUM agents for both the source and target domain. These setting are global and will be used for all collections.
    2. Using the Project | Delegate... option in the RUM console menu. Specify who should have access to the RUM console.
    3. Using the Tools | Create Resource Updating Manager Setup... , Create the RUM Console setup package (MSI) to install the RUM console on workstations/servers to be used by your delegates.

    You don't need to be an domain admin to use the RUM console, just a local Admin on the workstation/server the RUM Console is installed. All touches to the workstations will be done using the accounts defined in Manage Domains Credentials. 

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