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folder redirection with username variable

Hello All,

I am trying to figure this one out for a bit of time, but no luck.

In my environment the client (800 users) is using Folder Redirection, using GPPs with a %username% in the path.

The users are going to be migrated and then renamed using-an import, then Dir-sync shortly after.

I'll use myself as an example:

Source name    Target name

Jeffrey                 Jeffrey01

Can someone please explain to me how to I get around the variable equation when the users start logging into the Target AD with their new username, in the GPP of AD?  The server names will stay the same, just going to RUM them and them join them into the target AD.

All your help is appreciated,


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  • This is a tricky one since I don't imagine you are keen to go renaming the actual underlying folders.

    Would it be feasible for you to script something up whereby you set a new environment variable on the workstation to the "old" username and reference this in a new folder redirection setting applied via Group Policy in the target?

    You could create a new security group e.g. "Cutover Users" to make the new setting apply to only those people via GP filtering.

    'Hope this helps a bit.

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