Migration Manager for Active Directory

Cached Credential utility, not starting

I've just set up and installed the CCU utility,  I've run the setup on a test laptop which is connected via VPN, however nothing is happening.

A service has been created, the logged on user is in the ini file, and the migration date is set to todays date.

Nothing is happening though, the logs folder  in appdata are empty.  how is this invoked on the client?

Also, is there a way set this up to be manually invoked by the user rather than by a set date?  having it configured to start automatically on a pre defined date seems highly kludgy


  • If you are testing, set a date to the past. 

    When that date is past, and the UNC Path exists, the ini files is checked for the logged on user. If the user exist in he map, the utility runs and prompts the user for their target password. At that point is process, backs up the cached cred and moves the workstation. 

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