Migration Manager for Exchange

Exchange only migration approach

QMM 8.13, Source 2007 SP3, Target 2010 SP3

This is to be an Exchange only migration with approx. 1100 mailboxes. The do not want to migrate AD at all. Prior to us engaging they created all 1100 AD accounts with mailboxes in their their target environment. The source company is not legally owned yet, so no trust, DNS is in place.

Their plan is to have us migrate the mailboxes, and then at some point in the future give the users new laptops joined to the target domain, and instruct them to start using the new target account. Until then, they will use their source domain laptop and AD account, with their mailbox residing in the target.

I have QMM installed and configured using lmhost & host files, and plan on testing mail and calendar sync this week, but I don't think I'm going to have much luck with this. Without at least an outgoing trust from the target domain, I don't think the tool will be able to link the target mailbox and apply rights to the source account. For that matter, unless I'm missing something, they wouldn't be able to manually create a linked mailbox either.

With the testing I've done thus far, I have the DSA configured, and ran a migration session on a test account, but because the target account is already there and enabled, it didn't change the mailbox to a linked mailbox. I'm thinking maybe I should manually disable the target AD account first, and then it would change it to a linked mailbox?

Just looking for ideas, advice, suggestions on how I should be approaching this.

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