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Generic item processing errors

Hello I am seeing some errors in the most recent error section for my MAGE migrations. I am seeing Generic Item processing error with a long number value. it also says the Exchange servers response does not match the number of items for which uploading was attempted (36). I searched the KB and there is nothing about this error. I see it with different numbers too. Are these lost messages? Is there an easy way to determine if messages were not copied?  Thank you

  • Hi,
    I faced the same issue too.
    ...based on my understandings...
    It is related to a combination of EWS settings and QMM project settings.
    MAgE is creating packages of a defined size:
    SizeLimitInMbPerBatchUploadToExchange (default=40 MB)
    In addition to that size you need to calculate addional header information of about ~ 33%
    Means 40MB +33% = 53,2 MB

    I would guess that your target EWS limit does not match to your QMM project setting.

    Kind regrads,
  • Jens pretty much explains what is going on with what you are seeing. All your messages are still being copied unless they are corrupted which you will see a different error message for.
  • Hi Chris,

    I am experiencing the same problem with QMM between source (Exchange 2K3) and target (Exchange 2K7) mail servers. I have modified Exchange EWS settings in the web.config file, making little difference to the failed message count.

    Can you confirm that the "Failed Items" count actually means total no of messages failing to copy between source to destination mail servers or if it means that the check on total sent / against total received has failed?

    I'm confused and is preventing our exchange migration project moving forward as the business will not accept any data loss...

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    SR # 4088939


  • Chris

    Your issue is got to be different. 2003 to 2007 is supported by the Legacy Agents and the issue in this thread is supported by the Mail Agents for Exchange (MAgE).

    From a data Loss standpoint, your customer has accepted data loss by running an MS unsupported messaging platform. April 8, 2014, Microsoft ended extended support for Exchange 2003. Additionally the most common issue for data loss is database corruption. Most Administrators do not properly maintain 2003 databases. They need to be defragmented from time to time. A Lazy way to defrag a mailbox is to move it to another server/database/

    Corrupted data create corrupted items in the message failure counts. This is data that was lost long ago, but only known now.

    You should work your SR with support.
  • Apologies I've made a slight typo in the above post, I'm using Exchange 2013 not 2007 as stated!

    Some of the mailboxes have nearly 2k failed messages!

    SR support has gone quiet! any help or advice would be most appreciated.