Migration Manager for Exchange

Generic item processing errors

Hello I am seeing some errors in the most recent error section for my MAGE migrations. I am seeing Generic Item processing error with a long number value. it also says the Exchange servers response does not match the number of items for which uploading was attempted (36). I searched the KB and there is nothing about this error. I see it with different numbers too. Are these lost messages? Is there an easy way to determine if messages were not copied?  Thank you

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  • From a technical support standpoint what you can do in the source is to run eseutil to try and repair issue's with the Exchange database itself.

    I have to echo what Jeff has said with regards to data loss and the end customer still running Exchange 2003.

    The support engineer that you're currently working with will be the main point of contact for support and I see he's already made some suggestions with regards to the SR.
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