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Mailboxfolderpermissions not synced/copied from Target to Source


Migrating from 2008 R2 forest to new 2008 R2 forest. Both forests have an exchange 2013 infrastructure, it's a large environment so the migration of all users will take several months which is why co-existance is required. We're using Quest AD & Exchange migration manager (8.13). Calendar synchronisation is one-way. (Source > target for users active in the source domain, Target > source for users who have been activated in the target domain)



When we're synchronising the users/mailboxes from the Source to the Target domain, mailbox items and all permissions are transferred correctly. However, once we 'switch' a mailbox to the target domain, the content is synchronised but the folder permissions are not. This is mostly noticeable with the calendar:

- Existing permissions cannot be modified (or rather, we can change the permissions, but they are not synced back to the source domain)

- Unable to share the calendar in the target domain with 'new' users that are still located in the source domain. (edit: not new users, but new permissions for users who are synced to the new domain, but still active in the source domain)


Is this by design? If it is a problem, would upgrading to 8.14 solve this issue? 

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  • The source objects you are trying granting permissions too needs to be part of the directory sync in order for the permission to resolve. One way Cal sync is always from Active mailbox to Inactive mailbox. So pre-switch that is source to target, post switch that is target to source.

    Now there is NO way to sync the rest of the mailbox permissions from the target to the source

    Additionally there is a point where you need to start on-boarding the new users directly in the target.

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