Migration Manager for Exchange

Migrating from source Hybrid environment to target Hybrid environment solution?

Asking the community for best solution on the current migration scenario. 

Source Environment:

Exchange 2013 cu18 Hybrid infrastructure with all mailboxes residing on-premises. 

- Office 365 EOP is used and inbound mail flow works from Public -> Mimecast -> EOP -> To On-premises mailboxes

- Primary SMTP address is smain.com

Target Environment:

Exchange 2013 Hybrid Infrastructure with all mailboxes residing in Exchange Online


Working to migrate all mailboxes from Source on-prem to Target O365


Source environments domain of smain.com cannot be added as an accepted domain in Target O365 due to the Source O365 having smain.com as an accepted domain.

Calendar syncs for co-existence cannot be created as calendar sync jobs will try to match source on-premises primary SMTP value to a mailbox user in target O365.


What are the best architectural solutions to try and maintain a co-existence migration with free-busy?

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  • I realize this is 4 months old and there hasn't been a response from one of our Services Consultants who are best suited to answer this type of question.   Are you a Quest Partner or the end Customer who purchased the application?   If you're an end customer you can consult with the Quest PSO Consultant or Partner that you initially had the scoping call with when purchasing the application.

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