Migration Manager for Exchange

extremely slow public folder migration to O365

We are using MM for EX to migrate Public Folders from EX2010 to our O365 tenant. We are experiencing extremely slow transfer times when uploading them into the O365 cloud. MM generates thousands of smaller PST files and we have quite a backlog of these files that are in the O365 upload queue. In the beginning we were achieving about 1GB a day (we estimated our PF structure was about 85GB in total size) and we felt this was incredibly slow. Things have gotten worse, we're only uploading about 100-200MB a day now. We've been uploading non-stop since early November (not a joke!).

We have opened multiple cases with Microsoft O365 Support, and also with Quest Support. We have ruled out any environmental constraints/bottlenecks in our on-premise environment. Microsoft disabled their threshold for bandwidth restriction for 90 days and that seemed to help in the beginning, that's when we started getting a rate increase of about 1GB/day. But now, it's back down to maybe 200MB/day for the last 3 weeks and we don't know why. We recently checked with MS to ensure this 90 day bandwidth restriction was still lifted.

The PFTA .log files don't provide much information for troubleshooting. Are there any options to enabling verbose logging for the PFTA agent? Is there a guide to the configuration options in the Config.ini file for the PFTA? Anything else we can do to upgrade our vroom vroom?