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I'm struggling with the backup life settings for my data sets on disk.

I can't get this to work properly; either jobs are purged from disk which shouldn't have or jobs are still on disk while they should be purged.

For example I often see that there are daily jobs on disk but without the preceding full job. So these daily jobs are useless to keep on disk.

So I'm wondering what other users have for backup life settings; based on full backup count or based on time or both, with or without force expiry.


My situation:

Full backup runs on Friday night = weekly backup

Incremental backup runs on Monday-Thursday night = daily backup

Backup is disk > disk > tape, used tapes are taken home each night.


I can divide the data on disk in 2 groups :

Group 1 - my file server: I want to be able to restore data from disk up to 2 weeks old. This server has it's own 'advanced backup options' for daily and weekly jobs.

Group 2 - all other servers: it is enough to restore data from disk up to 1 week old. These servers all use the same 'advanced backup options'.



On Tuesday Jan 10th, I want to restore a file from a server in group 2 from Wednesday Jan 4th.

To use the daily jobs from Wednesday Jan 4th, I would need the preceding full backup from Friday Dec 30th as well. So I would need to have 2 full backup sets on disk to be able to restore data from 1 week old,  full backup from Friday Dec 30th +  full backup from Friday Jan 6th. Correct?


In your opinion, what would be the correct backup life settings to accomplish this (both for the daily and weekly jobs) ?




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  • Hello Richard,

    I understand the confusion.

    The options "Retire all backups when the last backup is retired" or "Retire all backups when the first backup is retired" in 11.x are located within the Advanced Options section of the backup.

    It's described under the Force check area.
    Checking Force = retire full and all Incr when the full expires, (as traditionally seen in our 9.2 and below versions). Or <Retire all backups when the first backup is retired>.

    Un-check Force and full will stay around even after its set expiry, thus waiting for Incs to expire. <Retire all backups when the last backup is retired>.

    Go to > Manage Sets>Set Type> Advanced Backup Options>Select any Backup option recently created on 11.x>Choose "Edit">Choose Backup Life section,
    This is on a per job basis.

    You mentioned this earlier within the "Change Settings > Server Settings > Media Manager > Retirement Timing Control", and there is a pull down menu to choose "Force Always ". Which would be the option for Global settings, (every job), using the "Retire all backups when the first backup is retired".


    Scott K.
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