Tape media reports failing after upgrade to NetVault 11.2


I recently upgraded my main Windows NetVault Server from to and all appeared well until I discovered a tape usage report no longer works properly.

The error received in the LOG is:

  Severe Error: Failed when producing report: Failed to work out fields required by report (Cannot interpret fields required to output report)

  Error:  Failed when processing report components


This report was created back in NetVault 9.2 and has worked through upgrades to v10 and v11.

Wondering if anyone else has seen this, and if so, have you been able to find a fix?


Sean Taylor

  • Hi Sean,

    What was the exact report you were using? And was this a custom or canned report?
    Many custom reports did not port over from 9.x to 10 and 11.x - some did however. Development is actively working on reports however to bring a better experience and more customization in NetVault 11.3 and 12.x. If this report was custom though, or modified from a canned report, then it may have in fact become broken due to the upgrade.
    I suggest if you have an account, we open up a Service Request for you so we can gather further information about the Report and see if we can find a report that will be suitable to use as a replacement.

  • Hi Andre,

    I've inherited our backup system, so I don't know the original source of the report. If I had to guess, I suspect it is a modified canned report.

    I do have a support account, so I will open a ticket as you suggest.

    Thanks much!
    Sean Taylor