Install 11.2 for pure 64 instead of upgrade. How to retrieve all config settings from prior 10.0 installation?


According to documentation, there is no path from a hybrid linux server to a pure 64 server. So, following the upgrade, you backup the NVDB and then save the current 10.0 server and then install the new 11.2 pure server. Once this is done. Is there a way to easily retrieve all the selection sets, job definitions, etc from the old instance and copy to the new one other than copying screen shots from webui of prior instance?




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  • I did scan in the smartdisk on the network and then performed the NVDB restore, I omitted the configuration but added the keys so I think this is why I cannot log in. I have the NETVAULTCLI* env vars sets and cannot issue any CLI successfully either. May have to go back to the hybrid and try the restore again.

    All my CLI result in:

    # nvclient -list
    CliInitSession FAILED
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