Can one limit the network bandwidth allocated to NV on a per-job or per-client basis? (NV 11.x)

I've got several machines (CentOS 6) which are adversely impacted by the network bandwidth used when their backups run (using default file plugin).  Can I configure Netvault either on the backup server or client to limit the bandwidth which Netvault will use on the client on either a per-job or per client basis?




  • Hi Rob,

    Bandwidth cannot be limited with NetVault - but if these jobs are using multiple streams (as the FS plugin can now do so) then you can limit the backup to only use single streams per job, or per the jobs you desire them to. By default, the job is not set to multistream but if you have edited this, then it may be doing that. Disable the option to allow it to only use one stream.

    Keep in mind too, this is assuming you are using a multi-stream capable device, if you are just using a single stream device such as a standalone tape drive or tape library, then the plugin would only use one stream regardless of number of streams input in that field.

    This is the only way to limit the bandwidth outside of moving around job times so there is less jobs running at one time.

    This begs the question though, what network topology are your backups running on? If this is running over a slower line, then the congestion is going to be very high, which in that case, moving the jobs around may help.

    Lastly, if you backup to a DR device, then your backups should be using RDA (Rapid Data Access) Protocol which should limit the bandwidth the backups are taking up because they would be sending only unique blocks of data over the wire. Which means the usage on the network should be much less than a traditional backup.