Automatically re-use expired tapes?

I have inherited a NetVault system and as a first time user it is causing me serious difficulties, the latest one is having to manually wipe some tapes that should be expired.


Job setup requirements:

VCenter backup, full on fridays, differential mon-thurs. New set of tapes used every week (no sharing of media between weeks). Sets to be kept for 3 weeks before expiring and the tapes being reusable.


In order to make sure each weeks backup is on separate media, I have had to set the "Protect Media from Further Writes after Backup" option on the thursdays job, as I cannot find any way to set it as read-only automatically. The problem is that this prevents the last piece of media from each weeks backup being marked as reusable when the sets expire.


I had tried using the "Ensure backup is the first on the target media" option instead, but as I am backing up multiple virtual machines, it puts each VM on a new tape, even with streams set to 1.


Any suggestions or am I going to have to keep struggling till I can get a budget for Backup Exec?

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  • Hi Keith,

    Without seeing the setup in detail, what could be considered here is to use Group Labels for your media. You can have your jobs set to use Group Labels for the "Week Groups" and have them set to ONLY re-use media with the same Group Label. This would prevent another job from re-using any media that is not in that group. This way media would not have to be protected from further writes because the next time it would be used could only be when that Weeks Group gets around to running again.
    Let me know if this sounds like something that might work for you.
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