How to use the Hyper-V Plugin


so I just installed the Hyper-V Plug-In (or "Plugin", as what is it called within the NVBU Console). I have NVBU Version 11.4 here. What is the next step to backup the VMs running on my Hyper-V 2016 Hosts? I tried to create a new backup job, but then this:

Where do I add servers/targets for the Hyper-V Plugin, so my Netvault Client (the Server named "NetVault-Mgmt") sees the actual VMs and/or the actual Hyper-V 2016 Hosts I have?

This guide says I have to install the Plugin on the Hyper-V Host. But how? Just doubleclick the plugin on the Hyper-V Host (hv-11-4-0-4-Windows.npk)? I don't think my Host even recognizes what to do with a npk-File (also, I have no desktop on t he Hyper-V Host at all because of core installation).