Storage migration: How?


Is there a possibility to move an existing Netvault (11.3) saveset to another storage?

The storage is being replaced, so basically we would like to move all the existing backups to another storage, without manually copying them one-by-one.

Thanks in advance!

  • If copying them one-by-one is not an option maybe it is possible to migrate the storage itself. Which type of storage you want to migrate. Storage Types are: classic Netvault VTL, Netvault Smartdisk (with or without dedupe),Netvault SVTL, Quest DR-Series or Tape?
  • Hello Boehm,
    Thanks for the answer!
    Actually we have found out that the Netvault is uncapable of doing such migration.
    We would like to move deduped data from a DR appliance to a Compellent storage, but as we can see now, this also can not be done.
    The DR is attached to the Netvault via RDS (so the file-level access is prohibited AFAIK), the Compellent is via Smartdisk.
    The DR can not replicate its containers to a Compellent, but only to another DR.
    Please feel free to share any thoughts about this. :)
  • Hello &

    I wanted to inform you both that we actually have a tool that can kind of automate this process a bit. It was a unofficial development, and to be quite honest, I have not tested it, but basically all it does is create datacopy jobs based on savesets in NetVault that you want to datacopy in bulk. I can send it to you, if you would like but we do not support it - it is use at your own discretion. And support would not be responsible to troubleshoot any issues that it could have. That might sounds ominous, but it in no way means it would or could damage your NetVault. However, I would do a NetVault Database backup prior to attempting. Which is something we can help with. If you would like to try this tool, I would need emails to send it to directly.