Unsupported Table Type MySQL

Hi anyone. I need some question or explanation that related to unsupported table type warning that received when we doing a mysql database since i not very expert in the mysql database. I'm understand that the warning is appeared because of the netvault  mysql plugin can only backup tables using InnoDB, MyISAM, Merge, Memory/Heap, Federated, Berkley (BDB), Archive, and CSV Storage Engines. Beside the table being mention, all other table type is unsupported. So, my enquiry is:

1) Is it the when we backup the database and certain table that will ignored because the unsupported table type, will be effect when we want to do a restoration process for that databases?

2) Is it possible to overcome the issue of unsupported table type in the perspective of db admin? Which mean, can they do something in in the db config/setting to ensure this warning not appeared in the netvault?


Hope anyone here can give their opinion on this matter. Thank