++ Disable auto load after tape was unloaded ++


I'm using a LTO7 tape drive. After the last job the tape was unloaded. 

Command line I am using:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\NetVault Backup"\util\nvdeviceeject.exe -servername backup01 -devicename LTO7

Log/Job entry.
Sent device eject request...
Sent device eject request successfully!


So far so good. After a while the tape is loaded automatically again. I know there has to be a change in some config file, but I do not find where to change this.

  • Hi ,

    Is the same tape getting loaded, or are random tapes getting loaded into the drives?
  • Hi Andre,

    all tapes are loaded after they were unloaded.
    It has be made a change in some tape config file, but I don't remeber which one.
  • To clarify, you have a LTO7 Tape drive in a tape library correct?
    And, the tape library will load tapes into the drives automatically, but does it unload them again?
    Usually, for a tape to be loaded back into the drive, it would indicate that there is something about the media that needs to get checked, as if something was not being read correctly on the media or the drive is unable to read something on the media.

    I don't believe there is a config to change when the drive reads the media in that way. By default, if a media has not yet been identified, the library will pull the tape into the drive(s) to check it. Also, once all media is checked, the drives go IDLE - so it is something with the media that is not letting the drives go into this state.
  • It is a LTO7 internal drive, not a tape library. It worked before the firmware update. Now after it, the tape is loaded after it was unloaded. Last year I did some change in a config file to prevent that.
  • The file "drives.tpl "I updated the last year can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\NetVault\ Backup\devices\drives".

    Line to change is:
    [Device:Poll Empty Drive]
    Tab Name = Configuration
    Label = Time between polling empty drive [0 = never] (mins)
    Type = Range
    Range = 0,1440
    Width = 5
    Value = 1 --> set this to "0"

    This can also be done via NetVault - Manage Devices - Tree View - Configure - Confiuration - set Time between polling empty drive to 0