++ Disable auto load after tape was unloaded ++


I'm using a LTO7 tape drive. After the last job the tape was unloaded. 

Command line I am using:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\NetVault Backup"\util\nvdeviceeject.exe -servername backup01 -devicename LTO7

Log/Job entry.
Sent device eject request...
Sent device eject request successfully!


So far so good. After a while the tape is loaded automatically again. I know there has to be a change in some config file, but I do not find where to change this.

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  • The file "drives.tpl "I updated the last year can be found in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest\NetVault\ Backup\devices\drives".

    Line to change is:
    [Device:Poll Empty Drive]
    Tab Name = Configuration
    Label = Time between polling empty drive [0 = never] (mins)
    Type = Range
    Range = 0,1440
    Width = 5
    Value = 1 --> set this to "0"

    This can also be done via NetVault - Manage Devices - Tree View - Configure - Confiuration - set Time between polling empty drive to 0
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