Version VMWare plugin - Run Concurrent VM backups until agents at capacity

What is the process to make VMWare Plugin Queue multiple VM backups from the same selection set at the same time.

If a Selection Set has 200 VM machines in the set - What allows all of the Client Agents running the plugin to backup 2-4 VM as the same time.


It appears I have to create 200 Selections and 200 Jobs to get more than 1 VM backing up at a time.


How do I get to having all of my plugin agents working to capacity -  do I have to make hundreds of jobs,  or is there a way to have a job function concurrent.


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  • Hi ,

    The VMware Plugin typically does this actually. The number of streams however is dependent on the devices capability they are backing up to however.

    So, for example, if you have a VMware Plugin job with 200 VMs, and you have the plugin options set to "Max # of Parallel Streams" set to 4, then the plugin will back up 4 VMs at the same time, ONLY IF you have a device that can do 4 concurrent streams.
    So, if you have a RAS device such as an RDA device, NV SmartDisk, VTL, or even a Tape Library with 4 Drives, then you would be able to backup 4 VMs at one time, while the other 196 VMs would be queued up in the same job.

    Likewise if you allowed the job to have more concurrent streams a backup target capable of it, you could do more than 4 VMs at once as well.
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