netvault backup plugin for vmware crashed


I have an error generated when running a backup job for VM containing  Lotus Domino under redhat linux.

this error is generated only when domino services are  running. If Domino services are down the backup completion is successful.

the error indicate that: process "vmware plugin " has crashed. and  worker process 1 has exited prematurely.

Any idea please for this issue?

Do I need a licence plugin for  Domino  without shutting down  domino's processes 

or any domino parameters application are required in order to have a successful job completion??

I need a solution urgently.

thanks for your replies

  • Hello ,

    I will recommend you to open a Service Request that way engineers can take a look into debugging files and crash dumps of the plugin to advice what to do

    About the Domino plugin license, it is only needed if you are backing up the Domino application using the respective plugin, but in this case as you are using vmware plugin it's not needed.

    Hope the information above helps.