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NetVault Backup 12.0.1 is now available!

We’re excited to announce NetVault Backup 12.0.1 is available and tightly integrates with Quest QoreStor 4.1. Plus, we have a number of updated NetVault Backup 12.0 plug-ins available as well - as described below.


Integration with Quest QoreStor 

*Refer to the QoreStor 4.1 Interoperability Guide for more detailed information

 QoreStor helps NetVault customers

·        Reduce backup storage requirements and costs

·        Accelerate backups

·        Better leverage the cloud for archiving, disaster recovery and business continuity

 For more QoreStor information, visit the QoreStor product page on

Updated NetVault Plug-ins: 

SQL Server plug-in 12.0:

o   Application-aware Snapshot support

o   SQL Server 2017 support

DB2 plug-in 12.0:

o   DB2 Server  11.1 Linux and Windows support

MySQL plug-in 12.0:

o   Maintenance release delivering improved performance and stability

BMR plug-in 12.0:

o   CentOS 7.4 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 support

o   Improved ease of use via automatic protocol detection and configuration for restores

o   GigaOS 7.3 to 7.4

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