Backup a Solaris server using Netvault

I started a new job that uses Netvault for server backups.

Most of us are new, so there is not much institutional knowledge.

We need to add our ERP server to the backup list. It's a 64-bit SPARC Solaris physical server. We want to do a 100% backup of the server. 

1. Is it just a matter of installing an agent on the Solaris server and then setting a backup schedule in Netvault? If it matters, we will be putting the backup on tape.

2. Can the backup be done live, or do we need to kick users off the system so that the system is quiet? In other words, will the data be consistent if we don't kick off users?

3. Assuming we do a full backup, does this mean that we could, in theory, just copy the backup data to the server and be back up and running? If so, is there boot media that allows us to boot long enough to get the backup data onto the server's hard drive?

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    About your Solaris system questions:

    1. Yes, selecting the plugin that you will use and schedule the backup

    2. If you doing a File System backup, it will work as a copy-paste process, if the file is locked due to use or opened it will skip that file.

    3. It will recover the data you backed up using the file system plugin. If you are using Bare Metal plugin, for Solaris you can only do Offline BMR backups and that will allow you to recover the whole system with a boot cd and the restore of the backup to your hardware.

    Hope the above information helped.