Redirect HTTP web interface to HTTPS?

We have both port 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) enabled on our Netvault web interface.

Is there a way to redirect port 80 to port 443?

We want this so that users can go to the domain name and use HTTPS without having to remember to type the port number or "https" at the beginning.  Most web servers allow HTTP-to-HTTPS redirection nowadays.

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    There is no way to do a redirection as it is not a regular Apache or IIS, what is handlind the web service is a process called nvwsrequesthandler.

    But what you can do is to change ports, to do so you go in the WebUI to Change Settings -> Server Settings -> Web Service and there you can enable/disable http or https, so you can enable http and https and choose port 80 (for http) and 443 (for https) click ok and restart NetVault service to apply. That way you can just call your NetVault Server by ip or name using regular http or https without using a port.

    Hope information above helps.