Migrator for Notes to Exchange & Coexistence Manager for Notes

How to use the "Import from MNE" feature of the CMN Mail Connector to import the Resource mapping file from MNE

To import a mapping file from MNE (see video below) perform the following;

1. In the MNE Migration Manager Select View Summaries from the navigation pane (on the left)

2. Select View summary… for User and resource details

3. Click the Export to TSV… command button and save the file somewhere accessible from your CMN server.

4. On the CMN (Coexistence Manager for Notes) Workstation copy the file to a local drive

5. In CMN select Resource Mapping from the navigation pane (on the left)

6. Select the Import from MNE command button

7. Select the file copied from the MNE workstation and click Open

8. Click Save and click Activate

Note: The "SmtpAddress" column of the ResourceMap.tsv will need to be modified to match the "targetAddress" of the Active Directory contact object that represents the Domino resource in Exchange. For example, if the AD contact has a targetAddress of room@notes.domain.com, then the "SmtpAddress" of the resource in the ResourceMap.tsv file will need to be modified to room@notes.domain.com. This can be done by using the Find/Replace tools within Excel.

 You can follow this link to view this information in our Knowledge Base, which also includes a video.



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