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Convert NSF to PST using Migrator FROM Notes to Exchange (Office 365)

Hi Folks,

I'm on migration of Lotus Notes do Office 365 and now we need convert NSF to PST using MNE.

My question is, the name of PST files after be converted by MNE, are defined with the First Name, Midle and Last Name existent in person file configuration of NAB (Notes Address Book), and that information is not make match with AD Information, impossibiliting i use script to load pst in outlook.
Exist some configuration file in the MNE responsible by this configuration, its possible i get one attribute in specific in the person file of Notes?


Ex: Its possible the pst file name is named with mail file (user.nsf)?


Tks regards!

Daniel Marreiro

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  • Just to offer another path to reach your goal.

    • Notes data extracted to pst
    • PST attached to End users outlook profile

    The Self Service Desktop Migrator (SSDM) does this all by design. It it's default configuration...

    1. It is run by the end users, from their workstations
    2. It will prompt them for their Notes Password
    3. Prompt them for what data to migrate
    4. Extract to PSTs on the local workstation
    5. Attach the PSTs to the default Outlook profile

    SSDM can be preconfigured as to what will be migrated from where (mailbox or archive), where the PSTs are stored, data ranges for data, ect. You can even get down to displaying a single screen for using input (prompt for notes password)

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