Migrator for Notes to Exchange & Coexistence Manager for Notes

Mail routing by CMN

My scenario only 30MBX should be migrated to exchange, the rest of user don’t have data in the domino server, They required that domino running in coexistence for a while after users data migrated:

So Within CMN, one set of SMTP IN and SMTP OUT queues is configured to accept mail from Domino and deliver it to the receiving Exchange server, while another set is configured to accept mail from Exchange and deliver it to Domino. Then both Exchange and Domino servers configured to point to the CMN server.

In this case mail coexistence will run in the server level (All emails received and sent by notes will be copied to exchange, and when users migrated to exchange this will be happened to notes too ) , 

so If I run mail-forward option rule in the MNE and select forward to exchange, then migrate the user,  is that mean domino will not keep messages forwarded to  exchange or sent from exchange, please clear me up?

Thank you

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