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Room/Resource coexistence: Outlook "Room Finder" doesn't work, so should we migrate rooms/resources first?

So, as I understand it, during coexistence, Outlook "Room Finder" does not work while the rooms/resources are still in Domino, and only Contact objects are in O365. This is "by design" (https://support.quest.com/coexistence-manager-for-notes/kb/214076/room-finder-in-outlook-is-unable-to-see-domino-rooms-and-resources).

Another Quest article suggests that the best practice is to migrate the resources from Domino to Exchange once 51% of the mailboxes are moved to Exchange.

I am wondering how the coexistence performance would work if we migrated our resources BEFORE we migrate any mailboxes? Does the Lotus Notes "Find Rooms" and "find Available Times" feature still work if the resources are fully in Exchange? Is there any loss of functionality our Lotus Notes users would find if the resources are moved to Exchange first?


  • Thanks for posting to the Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN) forum. Yes, you are correct, the Outlook "Room Finder" is not going to function while rooms and resources are still in Domino. The CMN Directory Connector can create the contacts so that they show up in the "All Rooms" list, but the "Room Finder" needs actual room objects.


    In regards to migrating Domino rooms and resources first, the Domino "Find Rooms" option will no longer function. Once Domino rooms and resources are migrated to Exchange/Outlook, then the resources and rooms need to be effectively removed from Domino. The CMN Directory Connector will then sync the migrated rooms and resources from Exchange back to Domino as "user contacts". Notes users will then need to add the migrated Exchange rooms and resources as if they were normal Domino "users" to the "Who: Required:" section of a new meeting invite, which will allow for the "Find Available Times" to function as it would for normal migrated users.


    Please let me know if you have any additional questions or need any additional clarification.

    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer

    Quest | Support

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