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Notes Source Server - Wrong Server used


after starting initial migration with 60 Users we have identified that MNE is using Notes Server A insted of the configured Notes Server B. A and B replicate. All users work with A and we tried to migrate the accounts from Server B as there is no daily business load on that server.

Because of the impact of the migration user told us that the performance is very bad and after looking into the TCP sessions on our migration machines I have identified that MNE is using Server A.

After checking the View V_NMEAllObjects I do see for "NotesServerName" Server A

How can we achieve that MNE is using Server B for further migrations?


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  • MNE by default will always use the server that is specified in the Domino Directory as "Mail server" in the person document for each user.
    You can change this by exporting - editing - importing the directory via TSV (on the "Export Notes Directory" screen).
    The fields of interest are "DominoServerAddress" and "MailFilePath". 

    (The Domino server you configure in MNE on the "Notes Server" screen is used as an administrative gateway only - reading the Domino Directory etc.)