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Error in XML document - nmsp

Hi, I have 6 jobs that I would like to run through a .bat file.  I used to be able to do this.  

When we upgraded to the latest version, I keep getting the error "Migration Failed: There is an error in XML document (76,5)".  The line number is different for the other job.

However, these jobs all run with no problem when I run them individually through the Migrator designer.

Any thoughts?  Thanks much.

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  • Thanks. Here are the information

    1. Yes, we created a new job but has the same error below. The DLL is there in the machine. Why is it saying that it cannot load it?

    General: [General] Cookie Expiration, Cookies expire 10/11/2017 9:06:23 PM
    Migration Failed: Could not load file or assembly 'Quest.NSP.Transform.Notes' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

    2. All the quest default path are there

    3. We have Windows Server 2008 R2
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