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migrate render to PDF as blank for a few form types


We are currently working on a Notes DB migration with render html to PDF. We are migrating them by form types. There are 3 form types in this database currently all migrated as blank, while the other form types seem just fine with the migration job we created. Any thoughts of how we should look into this? We are currently at version


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  • Hello,

    Thanks for posting in the Migrator for Notes to SharePoint (MNSP) community forum. I understand you are experiencing issues with 3 particular forms when performing a render to PDF within MNSP.

    One of the advantages to Notes databases are that they are infinitely customizable, however, there are times, such as during a migration that this can also be a disadvantage. Unfortunately, we are not able to presume what kind of custom elements have been created within the 3 forms that are experiencing issues.

    In order to troubleshoot this type of issue we would typically need sample data, such as a copy of the Notes database with at least a couple of records that use the problematic forms, so that we can investigate the issue in our lab environment. Additionally, we would need a copy of the MNSP job file you are using for the migration.

    In order to protect your data and privacy, we would suggest creating a Service Request in order to submit this data:


    If you are unable to create a Service Request using the link above, then you can call in using your local Quest Support telephone number:


    Also, would you be able to double-check the version of MNSP you are currently using, as is not a valid version of MNSP?
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