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Rich text field migration

Hi, we have several Lotus Notes documents with a "Body" rich-text field with as content text, tables, inline images and inline attachments. If we try to migrate this to SharePoint Online the "Attachments" are properly migrated to the "attachments" field but we loose all the text setup, tables and inline images. 

If i want to map more fields (images or Ole Objects) i have only 1 "Attachments" field displayed, see image below 

Anyone knows what will be the best approach to achieve the migration of this kind of fields?

  • Hello,
    Two details that may be helpful:

    i) You are mapping "BodyText". This is a text-only rendering of the "Body" field. To use a formatted rendering, map "BodyHTML" - this can be mapped to any target field that allows formatting (such as a Note/HTML field in SharePoint, or a PDF or docx body).

    ii) Usually, you map BodyAttachments, BodyEmbeddedObjects and BodyImages all to the Attachments field in SharePoint.
    If you find that the attachment field allows only one field mapping, check the properties of the field in the Target Data Definition - there is a property "AllowMultipleSources", you likely need to set this to "True".

    Hope this helps,