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map attachments to local shared folder?

Hi, We are migrating LN DB data as PDF files to SPO.  However, the DB owner wants the attachments to be mapped and linked on a local shared drive instead of the _Attachment folder in the document library.  Is this possible?

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  • Hello!
    A migration job to SharePoint will only be able to write to SharePoint, not the file system. The target doesn't have to be the_attachments folder (that is just an example from our default jobs), it can be an alternate Document Library, a different folder or the same folder the PDFs are created in, but it has to be the same SharePoint site.

    If you want to pull out the attachments to the file system, you can do this by running a different migration job with the file system as target (Target Type: Folder), and only pulling the attachments. Of course in that case we will be unable to link from the attachment names/icons in the PDF to the files in the file system.

    I hope I described this in an understandable way - if not, please let me know.
    Regards, Peter
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