Quest On Demand

Suggestions for improvement / Feedback

Participants in the Tech Preview period for the Quest On Demand products have been steadily offering suggestions for ways to improve the functionality, usability, and value of the products.  This feedback is instrumental to our On Demand offerings and is actively being used to shape the tools going forward and we are looking for more!

Please reply to this thread with feedback on the products, both On Demand Backup and Recovery for Azure AD  On Demand Policy Management for Skype for Business Online and feel free to comment on posted suggestions as well.

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  • I am thinking one possible improvement might be to expose the Organization ID (or UUID) somewhere in the UI. Maybe on the about page or maybe on the settings page. As the Organization ID is one of the first things Support wants to know, exposing this might make things easier than using the browser information (i.e. In Chrome: F12 -> Application -> Storage -> Session Storage ->
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