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Question about migration from O365 tenant to On-prem EX2016

When setting up the migration plan in ODME using source O365 and target on-prem Ex2016, I'm unable to apply any forwarding on the source O365 mailbox.  The options for forwarding (optional) are completely greyed out.  I understnad that ODME can't apply forwarding on on-prem exch servers, but since my source is O365 why wouldn't ODME let me apply forwarding on the source?

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  • Hello Michael,


    Thanks for posting to the On Demand Migration for Email (ODME) forum. I understand you are experiencing issues setting forwarding with ODME. When migrating from Office 365 to an on-premise Exchange 2016 server, you should be able to set forwarding with ODME in both directions, albeit not at the same time, as this would cause a mail routing loop.


    I will need some additional information to better assist you. If you would rather create a Service Request to keep your information private, you can do so at the link below:




    Otherwise, you can provide generic domain information.


    1.) In the ODME Source Connection settings, are you using Autodiscover?


    2.) In the ODME Target Connection settings, are you using Autodiscover?


    3.) On page 2, the Mailboxes list, what is being used for the source and target mailbox addresses? (is there a source domain for the source, a target domain for the target, or the same domain for both?)


    Trevor Taegder

    Senior Technical Support Engineer

    Quest | Support

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